Through the Overberg District Safety Forum, Grabouw was identified as one of the hotspot crime areas in the Overberg region.

To address this problem, the Overberg District Safety Forum, in partnership with Theewaterskloof Municipality, provided funding from the Safety Grant to procure and install CCTV cameras in Grabouw to monitor high crime areas in the town.

The Theewaterskloof Community Safety Plan was also approved by Council in August 2023, and this project is aligned with the safety interventions that is needed to provide a safer environment for the community and residents of Grabouw to live in.

In addition to the Community Safety Plan, the Theewaterskloof Community Safety Forum was also established.

This forum launched in October 2023 and had their first official meeting last week. The forum, under the leadership of chairperson Deputy Executive Mayor John Michels is made up of members from various district and local based organisations and safety agencies, which will oversee the implementation of the project.

“I am thrilled to witness the fruition of years of advocacy for our residents’ safety! The implementation of CCTV cameras in Grabouw is a monumental step towards combating crime and ensuring the well-being of our community,” said Deputy Executive Mayor John Michels.

“This accomplishment reflects our steadfast commitment to creating a secure environment for all, and I look forward to seeing the positive impact these measures will have on our beloved town.”

This project will also be in partnership with the local Community Police Forums and the local South African Police Services in Grabouw.

All the equipment has already been procured, and the process is currently underway to install the cameras.

Four sites were identified to install the cameras.

This intervention is only a start to creating a safer environment for Grabouw residents, and as more funding becomes available, we want to install more cameras at strategic crime hotspots in the area.

This will ensure that all crime spots in Grabouw are covered and will be monitored 24/7.

“We are pleased to announce the installation of new CCTV cameras in Grabouw as part of our commitment to enhancing public safety,” said Municipal Manager Wilfred Solomons-Johannes

“These cameras will play a crucial role in monitoring and curbing crime, fostering a secure environment for our community. Together, we strive to build a safer and more resilient Grabouw.”

Issued by Theewaterskloof Communications Department