SDBIP – 2023/24

3RD Quarter SDBIP Report 2023/24 Final Adjustment TL SDBIP 2023/24 2nd Quarter SDBIP report 2023/24 1st Quarter Performance Report Final Signed SDBIP 2023/24 Final 2023-24 SDBIP Acknowledgement Letter 2023/24 Acknowledgement

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SDBIP – 2022/23

4th Quarter SDBIP to counicl 2022/23 4th Quarter SDBIP to counicl 2022-23 Final Adjusted 2022/23 TL SDBIP_April 2023 Final Adjusted SDBIP_April 2023 3rd Quarter Performance Report 2022/23 3rd Quarter SDBIP

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Final Signed SDBIP 2022-23

Municipal Financial Management Act Section 53(1)(c)(ii) – Approval by the Mayor The Top Layer Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan, indicating how the budget and the strategic objectives of the council

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