Corporate Services

The Corporate Services directorate comprises of and is responsible for:

  1. Administration needs to ensure that all Council resolutions assigned to the Administration Segment is executed/receive attention within 7 working days after such decision is taken by the Council and/or Committee. Ensure that all correspondence marked out to the Administration Segment receives attention within 3 working days after receipt from the Registration office. Handling of all requests in terms of the Act on the Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2000 as well as the annually compilation of all reports which needs to be submitted to the SAHRC. Under the Administration banner we also have:
    • Secretariat: Responsible for the compilation and distribution of all agenda’s and minutes of meetings. Such duties to be completed within 7 working days before the scheduled meeting and after the meeting. Ensure that all Council resolutions be distributed to all Officials for their attention and execution. Follow-up of all outstanding Council and/or Committee resolutions on a periodically basis.
    • Records Management: Capture and distribution of all incoming mail on correspondence files to officials in the Head Office and copies of mail to officials in the Town Offices. Distribution of all mail to Town Offices on a daily basis.
  2. Implementing effective Information and Communication Technology (ICT) strategies and keeping up-to-date with current technologies, thus ensuring optimal overall service delivery. ICT is utilised to support the alignment of the municipality Key Performance Areas (KPA’s) as provisioned by government. This division needs to ensure that the organisation have an infrastructure that provides the level of service people expect, inclusive of quick access to resources, the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively, and up-to-date electronic tools to increase and sustain productivity.
  3. Our Human Resource function includes a variety of activities and important among them is deciding what staffing needs the Municipality have.
    Other functions include:

    • Recruitment and Selection
    • Induction
    • Training and Development
    • Staff Benefits: Pension Funds; Medical Aid; Housing Subsidies; Group life; Salaries and Allowances
    • Labour Relations: Disciplinary Hearings; Medical Competency Tests; Counselling
    • Health and Safety
    • Termination of Service
    • R. related policies
  4. Legal Services that handles all legal aspects which have an effect on the municipality including drafting, editing of, as well as commentary on contracts and legal documents for the various departments within the Municipality. It also renders legal advisory and support services to the different departments within the Municipality and conducts research regarding specific legal aspects and changed legislation affecting the municipality. Furthermore Legal Services acts as compliance officer in respect of all contracts and relevant legislation and regulations.
  5. Council Support Services
Human Resoures
Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
Legal Services