Learners and schools honoured for flying the Theewaterskloof flag high – donation of R5 000 per school made to purchase learning materials and equipment

Today the Theewaterskloof Municipality hosted a distinguished awards ceremony, dedicated to honouring and celebrating the exemplary performance and remarkable success of the schools and learners in the municipal area during the 2023 National Senior Certificate examinations. The event, hosted in the Caledon Town Hall, was attended by representatives of each of the 10 schools in Theewaterskloof, the top student at each school with a parent or guardian as well as the Municipal Manager and esteemed political leadership.

Despite facing challenging circumstances, the collective resilience and unwavering commitment to academic excellence shone through. The awards ceremony served as a platform to recognize and commend the outstanding efforts of both schools and individual learners who demonstrated exceptional dedication and determination.

During the awards ceremony, the Theewaterskloof Municipality also announced that it will be giving each school R5 000, which can be used to purchase learning materials or equipment that will benefit learners this year.

The Municipal Manager and political leaders, through their attendance, emphasized the significance of acknowledging and fostering educational achievements within the community. This event not only highlighted academic excellence, but also reflected the collaborative spirit and support network that exists in Theewaterskloof, fostering an environment where students can thrive against all odds.

Addressing the learners and educators, Speaker Derick Appel expressed special thanks to the staff and parents of each school for achieving more than 80% in the Matric examinations.

“All schools aren’t equal. They don’t have the same amount of money, staff or resources, but to achieve these results, it makes me proud as the Speaker of Theewaterskloof,” he said.

“I want to encourage the students to apply for our external bursary scheme. As a municipality, we would like to help where we can, and my office door is always open. We want to assist learners and schools to achieve the best success. I know my office has been extremely busy helping students apply for university and funding such as NSFAS. Wherever we can support, we will. We have met with all schools with the SETA programmes and I believe we will do even more this year, even though education doesn’t fall under our mandate.”

Echoing the sentiments expressed by the Speaker, the Municipal Manager of Theewaterskloof Wilfred Solomons-Johannes encouraged learners to make the most out of the opportunities giving to them after school.

“We know that not everyone has done well during this exam, but as a municipality, we are always looking at ways to bridge the gap of unemployment and learning opportunities. We will be embarking on many projects and opportunities this year,” he said.

“Many of you have received bursaries and will go study this year, but not everyone will have the same opportunity. I didn’t have that opportunity when I finished school. I didn’t have a bursary and I couldn’t go to university. It was only after 10 years of hard work and experience, that I was able to go to university and study for my first degree. Please make the best of every opportunity you.”

The awards ceremony was a testament to the triumph of education in Theewaterskloof, where the collective achievements of schools and learners were celebrated and the municipal leadership expressed their pride and encouragement for continued excellence in the face of challenges.

Ending off the celebration, Mayoral Committee Member Councillor Tapelo Princess Lesesa, a proud former student of Grabouw High, thanked all educators for their commitment towards the learners of Theewaterskloof.

“You have the hardest job in the world, and I don’t think we give you enough recognition. Thank you for everything you are doing for the children in our communities. I know it isn’t always easy and the circumstances are difficult, but we appreciate it and I know the learners do too,” she said.

“I didn’t think I would be standing where I am today, but here I am, a first in my family. I want each one of you to want to be a first in your family and once you achieve your goals, also be an inspiration to the rest of the people in your communities.”

Issued by: Communications Department, Theewaterskloof Municipality