IDP 2017 – 2022 (5 Year Strategy)

4th Generation IDP Final

Council Resolution Process Plan IDP 2017 – 2022

Draft Process Plan IDP 2017 – 2022

Draft IDP 2017 – 2022

4th Generation

Council Resolution – Draft IDP 2017 – 2022

Final Process Plan Notice

IDP & Budget Process Plan 2017 – 2022

Council Resolution

Final Signed SDBIP 2022-23

Municipal Financial Management Act Section 53(1)(c)(ii) – Approval by the Mayor

The Top Layer Service Delivery Budget Implementation Plan, indicating how the budget and the strategic objectives of the council will be implemented, is herewith submitted in terms of Section 69(3) and 53(1)(c)(ii) of the municipal Financial Management Act(MFMA), MFMA Circular No. 13 and the Budgeting and Reporting Regulation for the necessary approval.

See document at the link below.